I became a hairdresser by chance, I stay behind the chair by choice.


After graduating high school, I started classes at the local community college not sure what I wanted to do in my career. As my parents were eager for me to make a decision, they encouraged me to find something artistic that I could do for work as a Plan B until I knew what I wanted. Little did they know Plan B sometimes becomes plan A. 


I enrolled in the first cosmetology class of CPCC community college program and my journey began. I fell in love and knew that this would not be easy but it would be so worth it. As I dove deeper I realized how much I loved haircolor, I loved changing my hair and how I used to that to express myself. I strive for my clients to have that same feeling, even a small change can make a big difference. 


Now six years behind the chair I’ve opened my first suite with my business partner. I’m still learning new techniques and trends to improve the services I provide. I pride myself in doing what’s best for you and your hair (even if that means saying NO) Example: Black box dye will not be platinum blonde in 1 session! I feel it’s super important to be honest with what’s achievable with your hair and taking the appropriate steps to get there!


All in this time I met my amazing supportive husband (Joey) we married September 1, 2018! We have three fur babies, two cats (Atlas & Simba) one dog (Scout) I’m a huge animal lover, obviously. I’ve met so many amazing people along the way and I’m excited for this next chapter!

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